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Originally Posted by BeerGuy View Post
The ceramic pro coating will last for many years , in fact it is listed as lifetime limited warranty. It literally bonds to the paint finish as another layer of clear coat ... just harder.
You'll only need annual "sport" top coating to keep the water beading properties and deep shine. The posted picture was after we added the maintenance sport top coat.

The Black Pearl tire coating is very different from tire dressings. It binds to the tire rubber and is smooth/clean to the touch ... no oily residue. Most people see 3-6 months of protection depending on how often you clean the tires. Once you have this applied regular car soap and water will keep it looking new. I apply every 6-months. This stuff is relatively new to the market ... usually only done by professionals, but easy enough for anyone complete.
For a tire coating to last anywhere between 2-4 months alone is good enough for me. I never expect tire dressings to last long at all and they're not really much of a concern to be real. Once the paint is covered and will last me long enough until I sell the vehicle, I'm real happy lol.

But I'm gonna check into that tire coating just because of the no oily residue thing. I hate when they garbage kicks up on the paint and you gotta walk around and do the paint check.
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Plus you also have to look at the long term benefit as well as cost of applying it and factoring in that it isn't that bad after all. Plus at the end of the day what we're doing here is much better than what some owner do which is nothing at all.

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Definitely isn't bad. I've used tons of different tire dressings from aerosol spray ons, gel and applicator pads, foaming, etc. And I've had best results with the Meguiars hot shine tire spray (aerosol can) and I'd typically spray them down with the adjustable spray size, and then let them sit in there for 5-10 minutes, and then wipe off the excess with a microfiber. Typically worked out for me and lasted maybe a month or a bit more with regular washing every two-three days.
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