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John Nettuno 07-30-2019 12:12 AM

Mass Airflow Sensor Failure
I have a 2015 QX80 AWD with about 103k miles. It has an extended warranty from Certified that is good to 120k.

On a family vacation drive, it broke down in the middle of Louisiana. The symptoms were loss of power and inability to keep a highway speed, but it was still running. After paying for towing and getting rental cars to get to our vacation destination we had a great time. Then the dealer called to say the mass air flow sensor had been damaged which was a result of the air filter housing breaking and letting debris past the air filter. The warranty company ruled that the air filter housing had broken because of neglect and I was financially responsible for the sensor, housing, and new air filter which totaled around $1,300. I honestly don't know what I could have done to protect the housing and when they showed the broken part to me, it was simply a broken bracket that caused all the drama.

Anyone else have a similar issue? This whole thing has been suspect but I had to get the darn thing running to pick it back up. I did call my home dealer to walk through the scenario and of course they said it sounded legit.

Be warned as I have lost a lot of confidence with Infiniti and Nissan. I thought these cars were supposed to run for well beyond 100k miles when all the maintenance had been performed. I have had several Nissan autos where all I had to do was keep the maintenance up and now the expenses start with my first Infiniti.

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