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I own a 2016 Limited and noticed the ticking after a trip from Northern MN. to Florida in 2018. I brought it into the dealer when I got back and it was a quart low on oil at 20K. They said it was normal, BULL!
I brought it back in 1 year and 10K later and it had become louder. The dealership scoped the #7 cylinder as per a service bulletin and found no scoring. They denied any other service. I purchased an extended wrap unlimited mile warranty when I purchased Certified at 12K. I brought the vehicle back a third time at 85K in 2022, when the Non-Nissan Motors warranty had expired and they found scoring on the #7 cylinder. They received the go ahead for a new OEM long block from the warranty company. One month later and $18,000 worth of work. My QX80 runs quiet and tons of power. Keep going back until they agree to take care of you. We traded my wife's 2017 QX70 Limited( limited in every way, a complete under performing vehicle) for a X5 M sport and are we glad we switched. My QX80 will be kept for hauling the boat and be replaced with a my BMW X60M. Infiniti is inferior in so many ways. Make the switch.
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