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2021 QX80 - alignment / braking issue

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Hi, I have a 2021 QX80 that is exhibiting an issue that 2 seperate dealers cannot fix.
The vehicle has been aligned 5 times and continues to drift to the right
The steering wheel turns sharply to the right when braking, but doesnt do it all the time.
It does it completely sporadically and the degree of turn varies from slightly to almost all the way
to the right which forces me to correct. Both dealers cannot figure out anything. They have looked at
brakes, alignment, suspension and nothing seems wrong.
We've rotated the tires back to front and cross and still have the same issue. And the only recomendation is
to bu new tires since they are at 40% and have uneven wear
Could it be the tires causing this behavior?

2021 QX80
26,000 Miles
Bridgestone Dueller H/T tires
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I don't think the tires would cause this. The sporadic behavior suggests that something is out of tolerance, like a joint or bushing. I know the dealers checked, but the issue is still happening, so something was overlooked.

Do you have any specialty alignment shops in your area? To me it sounds like a worn bushing or ball joint. Maybe even a misaligned subframe part. A wheel alignment will only check and adjust the camber, caster, and toe. It won't account for any suspension parts behind the scenes.

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If you haven't already, I would turn off lane departure prevention and steering assist. I'm assuming that since you've had two separate dealers look at the suspension, the problem may be found elsewhere.

This is Infiniti's description: "Steering Assist with Lane Departure Prevention monitors your lane position, and will even provide gentle steering assist to guide you back in your lane."

Based on the above description and your symptoms, could you have a bad sensor, erroneously guiding the vehicle to the right?

According to this news release, it's the camera behind the rear view mirror that controls the assist function. Is that area clear of obstruction? If so, then does the LDP system work as described otherwise? If the LDP is functioning properly, then I'd focus on finding the reason for the uneven wear on the Bridgestone Duelers with only 26K. I don't think that premature tire wear is coincidental.
This was a great suggestion, thank you. I disabled the feature today and the issue is still happening.
I will keep the feature disabled for some time to see if it makes a difference over time.
I noticed that the issue may not be happening whenI use the Distance Control feature that breaks automatically
when it senses the vehicle in front is stopping.

I also have an appt in 2 weeks with a local Japanese auto mechanic that is highly recommended. I think I may go to a firestone for a free brake inspection just to see wha they say
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