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after market exhaust

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I have two fx 50s. I put the Borla cat back exhaust on them. Sounds Great! I now have a qx-80 for real estate. They sell the same Borla for my 80, but I'm afraid it might be a little loud for showing buyers. My local exhaust guy recommended a large magnaflow muffler, and if it's still too quiet take off the resonator. Has any one tried this (or any other) exhaust systems or modifications?
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I have the Borla Cat Back S-Type with the exhaust tips coming out behind both wheels and it isn't too loud at all and the performance is much improved. It has a low growl to it and only gets loud when the pedal is on the floor.
Here is a link to the Borla Cat Back S-Type exhaust. Sounds like a real V8 and give you hold onto your seat power.

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