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Good morning. Me again. 2 part question here.

I noticed when backing up at night that my reverse lights were not very bright. In fact, my brake lights were much brighter. I'm not used to having 4 cameras on my vehicle for parking, I still use the mirrors lol. Anywho, I replaced the standard 921 reverse light bulbs with LED's and while they are brighter, the don't illuminate much behind me when parking. Not a huge deal, as the brake lights illuminate everything more than well enough for the camera, but is it normal for the reverse lights to be so ineffective?

Part 2. Omg changing the reverse light bulbs was sooooooo easy compared to other vehicles. I wanted to put LED's in the license plate lights too, but couldn't figure out how to get to them without pulling the whole lift gate trim panel. I can see the sockets through the access panels For the brake.and backup lights, but no way can I reach them. How do I replace the license plate light bulbs?
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