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Captains chairs to Bench

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Hey everyone, does anybody know if a 2nd row bench out of a 2012 QX56 would bolt into a 2017 Armada?
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If they both have the bench mounting pattern it should. I have a different issue, would a bench fit the mounts for the captain chairs in the second row? Looks like it does not.
Has anyone ever had a fold-down "jump-seat" or cushion made for space between the 2nd row captain's chairs after removing the 2nd row console? I have 2nd row captain's chairs but personally think the console between the captain's chair is way too big. For now I have removed the console between the captain's chairs and now am considering how best to handle the new space I have created. I was thinking about having a leather cushion or pillow made for the space that is held in place by Velcro on the bottom so the cushion/pillow is removable.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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