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Connecting PS4 to Theater Package

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Trying to connect my kids PS4 to our 2015 QX80. PS4 only has HDMI out so I bought a HDMI to RCA converter. Hooked it up in house to a TV that has RCA inputs and it worked but when I try same setup in QX80, all I get is R/G/B lines on screen which is what the HDMI to RCA converter shows when there is nothing hooked up to it or the device is powered off. I tried changing the PS4 video output to 480 as well but that didn't work either. Not sure if it is the type of converter I am using or if this is even possible. Anyone else been able to do this? Anyone know what specs are allowed to the QX80 Aux port. I found one manual that said it had to be NTSC but nothing else specific. I would also like to try to connect a phone so we could stream Netflix if that is possible. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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