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Hi all,

Picked up the left 2/3 seat from the 2011 qx56 (same body as my 2017, the right captain's chair stays where it is). Planning on installing it properly in the next two weeks. It fits right as it should but there are some issues:

1. There is a hole to mount the front right support plate to the body, but it has no thread. Thinking of welding a hexagonal nut there.

2. There's a technological hole on the floor but there's no bolt in it for the back of the right support plate. Planning on welding one there.

3. The second bolt from the left side floor captain's chair is sticking out into the bottom of the bench, planning on drilling a hole in the bottom to let the bolt in instead of cutting it off incase I want to convert it back to two chairs at some point.

I will have it done at a body shop. Will let you know how it goes.
If anybody has done it before please let me know.
I understand that the new body QX80 costs more with a bench than with captain's chairs, since it adds one more seat 8 VS 7.

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