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Eau Rouge QX80

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Could we one day see a version of the QX80 from Infiniti with styling similar to the Eau Rouge Q50?
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nah. chances are slim to none

the QX80 doesnt need something crazy like that. if anything a more off road ready version would sell better.
Are there any examples of companies making a performance full size SUV in the past? Seems like something that would only happen in the 2000s before the big financial meltdown.
Grand Cherokee SRT 8

Porsche Cayenne Turbo

They exist... But I don't think the QX80 should play in this realm.
i think the QX80 should, seeing how infiniti wants to expand on higher performance luxury verhicles, it would be good. one of the first from the japanese
I think the IPL/EAU Rouge QX70 would be a better option.
I think the IPL/EAU Rouge QX70 would be a better option.
it's probably better if they start out with that and then move up to the QX80.
QX70 IPL/Eau Rouge should be the priority
I'd rather Infiniti update all their cars with the design language before committing the performance models for every car.
That would be good but all of that takes time and they might as well just move with the momentum rather than waiting for the perfect time. The Q50 is out and now people want to see what it can do as a high performance model. The same will happen with other new redesigned models.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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