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Fuel grade

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Does everyone use premium 93 octane on their QX80? I just a used 2017 and was curious if anyone mixes mid grade and premium, only use premium, only use mid grade, etc.

Thanks in advance!
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Just bought a used 15 qx80. I have the same question. I’ve been using the mid grade so far but with prices here below $2 for regular unleaded and about $2.30 for mid grade it’s not too bad at all.

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I use 93 octane on my 2018 and add Techron after every oil change. This keeps everything running smoothly!
Tempted to put in regular fuel on my 2017. But when the low fuel light comes and the most I got is 16 gallon. So I’m okay using 93 octone. Anyone else seeing this? I was expecting the low light comes on when there 4 to 3 gallons left on the mighty 26 gallons
I bought my 16 QX 80 with 98,000 miles on it on 2/22. Not 2 days after i bought it, my check engine light came on. Nissan determined that i needed new fuel injectors. This resolved the issue. I'm not sure why i needed new fuel injectors, but i'm using 93 octane and she is running great. I'm not sure if it was a fluke thing or maybe the previous owners used strictly regular 87 gasoline and she didn't like it? Just my two cents.
How much are you all paying for a full tank of gas now per week or month? It jumped up a lot the day after Memorial Day.
I just paid 101.97 for a full tank of mid grade this week. I usually gas up 2-3 times a month.
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