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Have an '07 Infiniti qx56, I'd like to set it up for hunting and fishing

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I have an 07 QX56 with about 239,000 on it. We are currently using it as a backup vehicle mostly for my wife. She owns the gm, therefore she needs a back up vehicle.
It isn't getting driven much, and I was wondering if there were anything aftermarket to put on it for a winch bumper, etc. I was thinking about putting some decent on off road tires on it, and doing a few other things like that.
I'm having a little bit of a problem spending a lot of money on the truck to modify it when it has this many miles on it, but I could throw a hypothetical winch bumper, and some BF Goodrich all terrains on it for a bit less than the down payment on another truck. Any ideas or thoughts? I own the truck outright so it owes me nothing. I really hate to go buy another 10 or 12 year old vehicle to do the same thing too when I own this one.
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