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I am in desperate need of advice on my gearbox problem.

I currently live in the Sultanate of Oman and own a US spec 2012 QX56/QX80.

There is a problem with the gearbox. Gears 1 to 4 are fine but gear five does not change up, it tends to hold for ages or not change at all even when doing 80mph / 120kph. I generally have to change up manually.

Strangely though, if I am stuck in 5th at 80mph / 120kph and I flick on the cruise control the gearbox will change in to 6th then 7th almost immediately.

The dealer here will not help as it is not an officially imported car and to be honest there is not the technical expertise at the car repair shops to find the issue.

Some other information that may or may not be helpful. The snow button on the gearbox works fine, but the tow button does not appear to, or at least there is no dashboard light for this when the tow button is pressed.

The car also seems to have historic flood damage. The likelihood is it’s been caught up in a hurricane in the US and been an insurance write off and shipped to the Middle East where it’s been fixed up and sold on.

Any advice you can give me on this gearbox problem would be greatly appreciated


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