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Help Request - QX56 (QX80) Warning Light Question

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I am need of some help with a rather puzzling problem with my 2012 QX56, the car is the same shape as the new QX80 just pre the model number change.

I have the following warning lights on the dashboard: 1. Malfunction light (engine shaped symbol) in yellow, 2. VDC light (Yellow), 3. 4WD light (yellow), 4. ABS light (yellow), and 5. Brake warning light (brake symbol with "!" inside).

I live in the UAE and the dealer here is ...... well lets just say, I don't believe what he is telling me and I think he is on a fishing exercise to find the problem, all of which is extremely costly.

This fault appeared a few days ago, I took it to the dealer and they reported they had looked at the fault logs and found nothing. They changed the battery terminals, which were corroded and sent the car back with a clean bill of health.

The fault reappeared yesterday, so I dropped the car back to them and now they are telling me there is a fault code telling them to change the accelerator pedal (CIRCA. 2000 USD equivalent here), but it could also be the throttle body (CIRCA. 1000 USD here), but they will try the accelerator pedal first....

The car still drives as normal, but I have my doubts about the diagnostics and of course the cost.

Does anyone have any thoughts please?
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