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Infiniti has partnered up with Arbor Day Foundation to promote their new campaign this holiday season.

The automaker plans to plant 35,000 new tree and they’ve launched a new ad last week titled “Start a New Tradition this Winter.”
It’s a 30 second clip showing a family driving past neighbors discarding used and dead Christmas trees whilst their own living tree is strapped to the roof of a QX60. In the back seat is a girl holding a plain white ornament. That same ornament is hung onto the Christmas tree they replant in the wilderness.

Working with Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Infiniti’s new tradition campaign will appear online, on TV, and in stores. From November 9 to December 31st, visitors walking into an Infiniti dealership will receive a Christmas ornament like the one featured in the ad and it will represent one of the 35,000 trees that will be planted by the automaker. On the ornament’s hang tag is a website where you can register your own tree and learn more about the Arbor Day Foundation, see where the tree is planted, and schedule a test drive.

“With their resources and expertise, the Arbor Day Foundation is able to identify which areas of the country are most in need of new trees and handle the planting on behalf of our drivers and employees,” said Allyson Witherspoon, director, marketing communications and media at Infiniti Americas.
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