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Lincoln recently came out with its fresh-faced 2015 Navigator. Most of the Navigator stayed the same to be honest, but the front and rear got some styling updates that really do make it look better. What I'm wondering is if the new Navigator is a better competitor to our friend, the QX80. First, let's look at what changed from the old Navigator.

Old 2013 Navigator

2015 Navigator

2015 Navigator

Like I said before, most of the changes are to the front and rear of the Navigator. The grille has been updated to the new Lincoln grille, and Lincoln has added a modern light bar to the back of the navigator too. These updates bring the Navigator into the modern era, and also make the Navigator fit in with Lincoln's new design language.

Now how does that compare to the QX80?

The QX80 got its last redesign in 2010 with the 2011 QX80 (then called the QX56). Infiniti's design has far more rounded edges and also seems to make use of chrome far more. personally, I think that chrome and roundness are getting dated. The Navigator is still a big box, but its corners are more pointed, which I think look better.

Ultimately it is a matter of taste though. Does the new Navigator give you any new ideas as to how Infiniti could update the design of the QX80? I know I'd like to see less chrome on the next generation model.
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