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Issue with picking up call on bluetooth during streaming music

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Hi everyone,

I'm facing an annoying issue. My samsung phone is paired with my 2015 QX80 for both audio (music) and hands free (phone). If I'm not streaming music from the phone (for e.g. listening to FM), then if I get a call I can pick it up find on car bluetooth and it works well.

However, suppose I'm streaming music from the phone to the car bluetooth, then if I get a call, the car speakers stops music and then start ringing, so far so good. When I try to pick up, it works for a second or two then the call audio out stops working. I won't be able to listen to anything the person on the other line is saying, but they will can listen to me (mic is fine). On the phone, if I switch the call to phone device (not bluetooth device), then again switch it back to the bluetooth device, it starts working well again.

I can do this OK on my older ford edge, but I"m facing an issue with the QX80 2015 model. Any ideas?

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