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Need clips that hold tow hitch cover on...

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I found them on ebay but was $22, is there a cheap way to get a replacement? Can't imagine they cost more than a few pennies to make! Thanks!
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I ordered these on Amazon a few years ago. We've used several because we tow a small camper. They work great. 30 clips for less than $8.
I know this thread is somewhat old, but wanted to document this for future seekers.

The OEM clip is much better than any of the common push rivets I've been able to find. They're very easy to remove, you don't need a tool, you don't have to pry the center part out, you just give them a quarter turn counter-clockwise (looking at them from the bottom) with your fingers to release. The Infiniti/Nissan part number is 80999-6GW0A, and they're only a couple of bucks each. Fit the 2018+ and probably earlier.
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