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New member - towing Airstream 27FB

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A few months ago, I purchased a 2020 QX80 to use primarily as a daily driver and tow an Airstream travel trailer for a few trips a year the remaining mileage. Previously, I owned a Ford F-150 3.0l Powerstroke diesel, which towed the Airstream wonderfully, but was not as comfortable as a daily driver.

This weekend, I set off on a short (120 mile) trip towing the airstream in preparation for a longer (600 mile) trip next month. I knew ahead of time that fuel economy was going to be dismal (I was figuring 8 mpg), but I was pleasantly surprised to achieve 10.3 mpg towing a 7,000 lb. travel trailer at 60-65 mph. There was a fair amount of wind as well - and it was not a tailwind!

Overall, the QX80 tracked well - especially with a dialed-in BlueOX Sway-Pro weight distributing hitch. As you can see from the photo, there is very little squat in the rear. Maneuverability while towing was excellent as the turning radius is much smaller than with the Ford truck - due primarily to the shorter wheelbase. I was concerned about the shorter wheelbase in terms of stability and tracking, but overall it was good. I think the mass (weight) of the SUV helped quite a bit.

I expected the QX80 to be a great daily driver, and my research ahead of purchasing showed that it was a capable tow vehicle as well. My decision to switch to a vehicle that is more comfortable to drive every day and to tow occasionally seems to have been a good one - at least based upon the past two month's of daily driving and one short (240 mile round trip) camping adventure.
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