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Well, I was a die hard GM man, but now I'm getting off that train. I've got a Buick Enclave, and it has become a burden, like no other. Engine problems, compressor went out twice, transmission problems, etc. Even the newest model, which is supposed to be of high reliability, has an inherent transmission problem. Now, I'm looking at Infiniti, specifically the QX80. I'm probably going to go used, but late model (2016+). Any advice? How do these things do at high mileage? Consumer Reports is pretty incomplete. What's the big difference between the Signature Edition and the Limited? One of the things driving me was the sales environment and staff, as well. There's a big difference between walking into an Infiniti dealership, and some Chevy dealership. BIG difference. Even the Meade Lexus dealership I went into wasn't on that level.
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