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Strange but true story here and I am interested if anyone has had a similar issue with their QX80?

My wife ended up picking up a large nail in her tire. She immediately took it to the nearest Tire Shop for a repair. The Technician's repaired the tire and did a quick spot check on the truck to make sure everything was OK with the vehicle before releasing it. They identified that the QX80 had "NO OIL" (the dip stick was completely dry).

When they put oil in it they could see it was slowly draining out. They diagnosed it as "Engine Oil Cooler Adapter" needed to be replaced. All in over $2K repair.

So here is the WTF moment .... HOW does that happen? There were no warning lights, no messages on console etc.

I had it towed to the Infiniti dealership where this repair was covered under warranty. Infiniti confirmed the tire shop was correct. The truck is currently in now getting repaired.

I am curious if anyone else had this happen to them? Any good questions do you think I can drill Infiniti on?

I can't help think about what would have happened if my wife did not end up getting a flat... she would have drove it until the engine seized.

Also Infiniti cannot tell me how "long" the Truck was low on oil for.... (what other problems will I have now??)

Anyways I am interested in hearing your replies.

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