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QX80 vs Every Large Luxury SUV

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MotorTrend compared the QX80 to every other large luxury SUV: Escalade, Range Rover Sport, Lexus LX, Lincoln Navigator and Mercedes GL.

Below is just some of the feedback you'll find from them on the QX, scroll down for the link to the full article

The Infiniti's cabin materials also impress us. Gorgeous leather and glossy, fussed-over wood are everywhere. The Infiniti's problem is that — like the Lincoln — its proletarian roots (the QX80 is based on the Nissan Patrol) show through. Says Kong: "I have deemed the QX80 the deceiver of the group. It looks enormous, yet there doesn't seem to be as much passenger space as you'd expect." Case in point is the middle-row captain's chairs. Good seats, but because they are fixed in place, even moderately tall folks (hi, Mom!) don't have enough legroom. One great fix would be to make them slide backward, but because of the QX80's hard points, that's impossible. Too bad. We also all felt the seating position was too high.

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current QX80 is aging and aging well but come time for a next gen model, it should do better in a comparison like this.
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