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QX80 XM Radio Issues / Sensor problem

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We bought our QX80 almost 2 months ago. As we were leaving the dealership the XM radio kept going in and out. The dealership is 2 hours away from our home. Once we got home it became worse. We went back and forth to the dealership several times. They finally changed the radio out. Once we got it back it did sound better and cutting in and out was not as bad. (Yes still does it) Now the front right sensor goes off when parked close to something and will not go off. I have to turn the car on and off numerous times. Then got in my car Friday and it is stuck on POP2K nothing on the screen but AC stuff and none of the buttons work. Any ideas or suggestions? Car has 2700 miles and 1500 have been taking back and forth for warranty work. Going for its 5th trip tomorrow. I LOVE THIS VEHICLE but just want it to work correctly.
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