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Sound options in QX with theater package

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Hi all.

Recently purchased a new 2016 QX80 with theater package the other week for my wife and I can't figure out how to (if possible) adjust/change the sound while watching a dvd and allow us to listen to the radio, stream music, etc.

The dealer said it was possible to have a dvd playing and only have the dvd sound playing in the back of the vehicle while the front could be listening to any other source input. Is that possible? I've read the owner's manual and the theater package manual and none of them mention this.

If that isn't possible, is there any way to have the dvd playing and not have to listen to it through the speakers? Unfortunately using the supplied headphones is not an option as my kids are too young where they would keep them on. Is there any other way to accomplish that without the use of the headphones?

Wife's previous car was a Nissan Armada platinum in which we were able to plug in external speakers while the dvds were playing. Can you use external speakers for the dvd and then listen to the radio through the vehicle's speakers?

Thanks in advance for any helpful tips.
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Welcome and congrats on the new vehicle! Unfortunately, you cannot play one audio source to the front speakers and another to the rear at the same time. With the headphones, you can turn off the rear speakers (as a courtesy to the rear seat passengers) and play another audio source to the front or you can leave the rear speakers on, but they will play whatever audio source is playing from the head unit.

I'm not sure about the external speakers since I've never tried that. Someone else on the forum may have some experience here. Before you know it, your kids won't even watch the screens in the car because they'll be playing on their phones or tablets.
...Before you know it, your kids won't even watch the screens in the car because they'll be playing on their phones or tablets.
This is the route I go with my five year old. If I really want music or a podcast on a road trip, I'll ask him to watch his iPad rather than a DVD.

I'm curious enough to try the external speaker route that I'm going to go try and dig some out of storage...
Apple and Android devices are always going to be grabbing our attention same with kids, having the ability to mirror what we see on those devices to the screens in our infiniti will go a long way in complementing the experience.

I know Androids have mirroring, do any Apple users here have the mirroring function as well?
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