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Spare Wheel?

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Hi all,

Quick question for anyone that has the 22" wheel package... Is your spare underneath the cargo area also a 22" wheel & tire? My car was with the Deluxe Tech pack, so was supposed to have the 22" pack as a mandatory add. Originally, the dealer had swapped back on the standard 20's, and I had them put the 22's back on while taking delivery.

Long story short, it never occurred to me to check the spare until yesterday! Yup, it's the standard 20" wheel & tire. I wanted to know if I need to demand they change that out (months after the fact), too... Which will be a fun battle.

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You should since they really can't expect you to drive around on a spare like that. Before going in to the dealership you might want to contact Infiniti. At least then when you walk into the dealer you can say "also Infiniti said __________ and __________" just incase they give you a hard time.

Keep us posted on how it goes.
On my 13 QX56 (with Deluxe Tech), the spare was a 20", even though I had the 22's. I traded that for a 16 QX80 Limited and I just checked and that spare is also a 20". I'm pretty sure that if they told you that your QX came with a 22" spare along with the , they were just flat-out wrong.

Now, if they promised to replace the 20" with a 22", that's a different story and that's their nickel. But given that the Limited comes with everything Infiniti offer's on the QX80 and it doesn't have the 22" spare, I don't think that a 22" spare is an official option. You can check it out on the Infiniti website but I can't find where you can add a 22" spare.
Next question, would a 22 inch spare even fit where its mounted? Unless its running a tire with a profile low enough to allow for it to fit.
Well, if it were a different overall diameter, that would cause major problems using the 20" as a spare on all cars with the 22" package!
Just imagine how horrible it would drive, and how weird it would look.
I thought I had closed this thread out already from my phone, but apparently it didn't post properly a month ago...

I wanted to pass along the info that I actually, shockingly, read the owners manual! It states that the spare wheel is always a 20" rim, regardless of having 20"s or 22"s fitted to the main driving wheels.

So, there you have it.
Thank you very much for clearing this up and closing that argument. But oh boy you read the manual ?! Lol just messing with you, thanks for the update :)
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