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Hello everyone-

This is my third Infiniti vehicle in the last 8 years. First we had a 2006 G35X. Fun car but needed more room so we moved to a 2008 QX56. We like to purchase used vehicles with a little higher miles that have been well maintained and cared for. My wife watches kids at home so we don't rack up too many miles and I have never let miles scare me too much. We loved our 08 QX minus a few very annoying things that we had to live with. The quality of that vehicle to me was second to none. We bought it with 115K on it and sold it 5 years later with 160K and i swear the leather and interior overall resembled that of a normal vehicle with 25K miles on it. I believe very high quality materials are used in these things. I have had many domestic vehicles including an Expedition EL, an 07 Suburban, an 05 Yukon Denali and the 08 QX hands down beat them all for quality in my opinion.

Well, I think my wife pulled one over on me and convinced me that in order to take our daughter to school and with the kids she is watching we needed to get an 8 passenger vehicle instead of our 7 passenger QX. So, that leads us to our latest purchase of a 2014 QX80 with 72K miles on it. It is white with black leather, touring, 4wd.

My initial thoughts: Quiet, very quiet interior compared to the 08. Wind noise was my biggest issue on the 08 and I can tell they got it right this time! Very comfortable, even more so than the 08. The A/C works when it's over 90!!!! Our 08 was ice cold till the 90's then it would turn lukewarm when idling. Never did figure out what was wrong even after hours of forum scanning and searching.
I like the added power although I am not convinced this 7sp transmission is better than the old 5sp. It seems really jumpy to me. Maybe it's just something I will get used to?? Not sure I made the right choice on the touring package. I wanted it for the wheels and the a/c seats and I just assumed that the ride would be way more plush than the regular model. We never tested a touring package, only a base model. It seemed to be really smooth (the base) and rode like a dream. We purchased ours sight unseen so we had a 5 hour drive to pick it up. I do feel like it does do a good job at body roll control but not so hot on dampening larger bumps especially at a slow speed. I have noticed speed bumps are very harsh, not bouncy, but harsh feeling.

I normally like to join forums that pertain to the vehicle we own at the moment so that's why I'm here. I know from experience that the best information comes from these forums.

Thanks for having me here! Hit me with all the tips and tricks and problems if there are any??
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