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Winter conditions

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So I've been holding back on getting the QX80, as I'm from Canada.

As much as I'm all in to getting this car, there's this one issue that holds me back.


A Western Canadian winter is a cruel place to test any vehicle, but the QX80 passed with flying colours. With the exception of the penalty of fuel consumption that comes with frequent cold starts, it barely noticed the double-digit, sub-zero temperatures. Mysteriously, the front windshield never gathered frost overnight, the vehicle jumped into action at a touch of its push-button start, the heated steering wheel was a gift from God and the rig warmed up quickly. And – no small feat – unlike many other fine cars, this one didn’t betray even the slightest squeak on frigid mornings.

Anyone else experienced any issues during winter driving, especially when the temperature is in the negatives...
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I can comment a little, but have very limited experience since picking up my 2016 in late January right before the blizzard on US east cost. Snow was too deep (30-36") to even drive it, but I've had good results in 10-12" of fresh snow.

I've had no problems in the few below zero days we've had ... started right up and drove fine. I've had a G-35 infiniti that has been flawless in all kinds of subzero weather in Minnesota to Boston while parked outside.

I didn't get it in my QX80 limited but there is an optional block heater for those that park outside in very cold climates.
A block heater might help in saving on fuel since the engine isn't under nearly as much stress than one that has been in the cold over night. Everything will run smoother, and fluids will flow better. The importance of having fluids flow properly is so important that even those that live in warm conditions still give their cars a few minutes of idle from a cold start before moving.
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